No matter the conferencing system,
DVE makes the experience extraordinary!
DVE creates Real Telepresence from the following:

Corporate Wide Telepresence Discover the Ultimate Huddle Room 70

Оперетта Real telepresence hides the camera behind the image for a perfect eye level perspective and improved eye contact.

Leading the BYOD and Immersive Revolution

"Bring Your Own Device” to the corporate enterprise is dramatically changing the future of Videochat, Videoconferencing and Telepresence. Join over a thousand professionals at DVE’s industry leading groups to learn more about BYOD and Immersive Experiences.

Eye Contact Matters

A camera on top of a monitor creates the strange appearance that people are looking down. People appear to be gaze avoidant which leaves a negative impression. DVE has an extensive patent portfolio enabling an camera to be aimed behind the image.

Recognition and Awards

"DVE has received many awards and recognition. Most recently CSQ magazine named DVE a leader innovator along side Caltech, JPL and Space X. Also Frost and Sullivan recognized DVE with the “Global Telepresence product of the year award.”


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