3-D Transparent Display:

  • Stunning 3-D appearing computer generated and video objects
  • Simple single camera view set-up
  • Requires only one field of a computer animated object to appear 3-D
  • Objects in picture appear to float in space
  • Patented technology
  • Utilized for engineering, distance learning, and as a powerful presentation display
  • Can be configured for telepresence, showing life-size people

The DVE Transparent Display is an advanced display system that offers the effect that 3-D objects appear in space upon a clear piece of glass. The image source is based on standard flat panel technology of which the image is seen upon a nine optical layer glass panel. The effect is stunning. Objects that are videotaped or animated to appear on a black background will appear to float in space. Add depth lighting, shadows, and movement to the objects and they will appear to be 3-D and solid in form. For the maximum 3-D effect, the background seen through the display should be several feet behind the display and dark in color.

The 3-D transparent display has been utilized around the globe for events and conferences, tradeshows, in sales showrooms, and for engineering, medical, and scientific visualization. In one case, for example, a major car manufacturer utilized numerous transparent displays for the marketing launch of a new car. The 3-D images were seen in public spaces, such as car dealerships and numerous special events. There are 4 standard versions of the 3-D Transparent Display:

for one to two viewers
for three or more viewers
custom kiosk applications

Other older telepresence rooms use multiple plasma panels to compensate for image degradation common to last generation videoconferencing. These systems suffer from a profound lack of immersion where the images of the participants are contained in display bezels. Also, when using these older systems, the participants cannot be seen fully when standing and interacting. Another system designed over a decade ago uses two old format 4:3 aspect ratio screens seamed together.

The custom kiosk applications can be banking teller machines, remote telepresence sales terminals with live sales reps, and interactive product viewer, so that a prospective buyer can modify and create their product. For example, in real-time, a customer can choose the color and trim packages of a car they are considering purchasing. DVE has, among its many Premier Solution Partners, service providers that can create 3-D animated models of cars, cell phones or any object. DVE will also build custom version of the 3-D Transparent Display, including a variety of display technologies including projection, stereoscopic, and auto-stereoscopic displays. Contact DVE for more details.

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