DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution offers corporate communications a whole range of choices that best meets the needs of the organization. So often legacy videoconferencing systems end up as the ugly TV cart gathering dust in the corner of the room. Some corporations have given legacy systems a real try, but eventually begin complaining of the lack of real interpersonal connection. DVE offers a complete line of turnkey solutions. For the executive, DVE’s Telepresence desktop keeps executives connected and ready to respond. In the group meeting room, DVE has developed several solutions that offer superior human factors and the appearance that the people at the distant site are sitting on the other side of the table with perfect eye contact. DVE goes out of its way to satisfy a client’s request and is always willing to create a solution that best fits their needs.

For example, a large financial firm in Downtown Manhattan desired to build out for its executives the most sophisticated conferencing facility ever developed. DVE stepped up to the plate with both project consulting and custom product solutions. On one end of the Atlantic in London are four executives and in Manhattan are 21 executives. DVE designed all the human factor geometry, immersive display screens, and multiple camera arrays. The result: many life-size people appearing to sit around a large conference table. Still further, other rooms incorporate the same technology with true eye contact for smaller group interactions. No matter your business communication needs, DVE has the right solution…a real telepresence Solution that is turnkey for your application. We are here to help the client look his or her best on camera and off camera.

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