DVE has developed many patented sole source products specifically for the defense and security segment. DVE works closely with the armed services and agencies to first determine specific needs and then to custom develop a telepresence product to suit the demands of a critical application.

Linking Command/Control/Operation centers to important events in real time is exactly the defense product initiative of DVE. Unlike videoconferencing from a generation ago, real telepresence, incorporating DVE’s patented technologies, is essential for current defense and security visual communication needs. DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution enables a realistic and natural experience that cannot be matched by common videoconferencing. Life-size images appearing in a situation or briefing room with perfect eye contact and broadcast-quality video is the hallmark of DVE’s deployments. DVE has also developed the “Tactical Telepresence Communicator” which is a mobile satellite-based unit enabling real telepresence anywhere in the world no matter how remote. The Tactical Telepresence Communicator is ideal for field communications including briefings, situational awareness, and remote interrogations. The ruggedized system can withstand the harsh environments typical to remote operations. The system includes the very latest in encryption technology to ensure the protection of sensitive information.

For those in the armed services, intelligence agencies, Department of Homeland Security, and local and federal law enforcement agencies, please contact DVE for more detailed information.*

*DVE has strict policies regarding the nature and substance of communication with foreign countries as it relates to DVE’s defense systems. All persons seeking detailed information from DVE regarding DVE’s defense product initiatives will need to demonstrate verification of defense contractor status or status as a direct representative of a relevant government agency or branch of the military.

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