Distance Learning Telepresence:

DVE’s advanced technologies are far superior to traditional videoconferencing for distance learning. DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution for distance learning offers unique products to achieve the absolute realism of being there in-person even though there is a thousand miles of separation. Every aspect of distance learning has been carefully analyzed and thought through by DVE. Whether it is for K-12 or higher education, DVE’s solutions enable distance learning to reach its promise of truly connecting a virtual campus with all the human benefits of being there in-person .

One successful case study is an elementary school in Utah that has deployed DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution. In need of improving teacher performance with expert mentoring, DVE offered a Telepresence experience with remote expert mentor teachers in other regions. The mentor teachers are able to communicate in private meetings with the local school teachers via the Executive Telepresence System to review the teacher’s performance and to offer positive feedback and guidance. The expert mentors also have the ability to observe the local school teachers in action to review in real-time their teaching skills with the aid of DVE’s advanced robotic camera tracking system -- the DVE Virtual Observer. Still further the expert mentor can show the local school teachers how to teach kids with new teaching methods by actually teaching the local class in real-time via the DVE Telepresence Podium, effectively enabling a virtual mentor teacher in the classroom.

Whatever the distance learning need, DVE’s distance learning solutions are the most effective way to expand education and teacher development beyond the school grounds and campus and connect it to the resources available around the globe.

For higher education, DVE is pioneering the Telepresence University where both undergraduate and graduate education programs incorporate the convenience of distance education with all the social benefits of in-person interaction with classmates and teachers. The Telepresence University is revolutionary and is available with complete endpoint and network turnkey solutions for participating universities. For example, a Telepresence MBA program will enable professionals to be mentored by leading business people even though they are separated by thousands of miles. Without a doubt this will prove to be the most effective MBA professional development education combining both theory and real world camaraderie with professors and business leaders no matter where they are in the world.

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