DVE Huddle Room 70

  • Immersive Telepresence for Groups of 4 People Per Side
  • 2 Real–Size People With Full Upper Body Language Seen on Screen (4 + in Wide View)
  • Eye Level Optically Embedded Camera(s)
  • 65” - 70” Wide Screen with HDTV and PC Inputs
  • Elegant Design -- Installs in Small Meeting Rooms
  • Optional Intelligent Switched Telepresence with Multiple Cameras
  • Impressive Zero Bezel Virtual Image

The Intelligent and Affordable Telepresence Solution for Meeting Rooms

The DVE Huddle Room is an elegant immersive conferencing system for meeting rooms throughout the enterprise. The DVE Huddle Room provides an eye level camera hidden behind the picture for real telepresence. The total solution is designed to enable close viewing of the large screen so that the imaged people appear to be on the other side of the table (not on the other side of the room). This enables the DVE Huddle Room to have a smaller overall footprint and thereby permits placement in small meeting rooms. Based on numerous patents and research in human communication, the room creates a highly realistic roundtable conversational experience with real-size people. Each room comes with a boardroom quality table custom made for each client. The DVE Huddle Room is the superior choice for serious minded executives and leaders who want a practical, effective, and affordable real telepresence solution.

The DVE Huddle Room includes an impressive zero frame flat panel image. No longer do imaged people need to appear as if they are inside the bezel frame of a flat panel. Removing the black bezel around the picture enhances the immersive telepresence experience. The frameless flat panel display technology permits a whole host of creative options for conferencing. One option is to blend the image background with the wall that surrounds it. If both rooms have the same colored walls (no matter the color) the DVE Huddle Room blends the display background image (the back wall of the distant site) with the actual physical wall of the viewing site. All this can be done without modifying existing meeting rooms with black drape walls or chromakey.

The DVE Huddle Room 70 smartly improves data conferencing by providing 21" data tablets on the table for up close and easy to read text. Now, even the smallest text and cells in spreadsheets can be viewed with ease. The tablets can also optionally serve as a conference control system and as an interactive pen-touch control screen for whiteboard collaboration. When a large screen is desired for viewing data, the vividly bright conference image can swap images with the data screens.

The DVE Huddle Room is intelligently designed to work with any HD codec so companies can use the same codecs currently deployed in their infrastructure.

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