Executive Telepresence System (ETS)

Many years ago DVE was instrumental in the design and installation of the world’s first HDTV videoconferencing system. The experience of true HDTV, perfect eye contact made possible by a optically embedded camera in the image, and life size people sitting on the other side of the table (though they were 3000 miles away) was an event to experience. The experience was amazingly natural and many leaps beyond traditional videoconferencing. DVE started referring to the experience as “Telepresence.” Since then DVE has deployed similar systems for numerous corporations and Hollywood Studios, yet the cost for the specialty codecs and the cost for bandwidth (5-15 Mb) greatly limited the potential market. DVE has brought the same experience together today in the Executive Telepresence System which has the same quality, but in the price range of common videoconferencing systems and it requires only a T1 connection. Simply stated…Telepresence has come of age.

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