DVE Eye Contact Silhouette:

  • Desktop Telepresence
  • True eye contact / Optically embedded camera
  • PC conferencing / Separate codec
  • Sleek eye-appealing design
  • Patented technology
  • Affordable entry-level system
  • PC Monitor and HD display
  • 26 inch HD widescreen

The DVE Eye Contact Silhouette is an ideal product solution to improve desktop telepresence with true eye contact. The patented optically embedded camera resolves the eye contact parallax problem so that participants are engaged in the conversation with true eye contact. The DVE Eye Contact Silhouette is designed as a flexible platform to meet the specific needs of the client's applications. For example, the Silhouette is commonly used with new powerful PC software videoconferencing codecs with embedded high-end web cameras. This makes for a very affordable desktop telepresence system that is far superior to web chat PC conferencing. The Silhouette can also be connected to appliance codecs that range from the low-end to the very high-end. DVE also, on a OEM basis, integrates an entire codec solution into the Silhouette for a turnkey desktop system. The Silhouette is ideal for executives desktops, and also unique applications such as; Bank sales terminals, Telemedicine endpoints, and a whole host of telepresence applications.

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