Gateway Portal:

Common bridging and gateway services are inherently flawed since they augment legacy videoconferencing systems with poor human factor design. DVE has resolved these inherent problems with legacy videoconferencing by offering a complete Telepresence Gateway Portal specifically designed for Real Telepresence. Legacy vendors are stuck with last generation equipment that does not simulate a multi-site multi-person conference with Real Telepresence and the best possible video quality. The continuous presence of “Hollywood Squares” common in the industry does not simulate the natural way humans communicate. DVE, working with leading next generation hardware providers, has customized multi-point to function effectively within the definition of Real Telepresence. DVE’s clients can elect to use DVE’s co-located equipment on a contract usage basis or purchase the infrastructure products for their private use. DVE prides itself in putting the client first ensuring they have a Real Telepresence deployment that best fits their needs.

  • Intelligent voice activation switching between sites
  • User over-ride site selection view
  • Life-size presentation always during sessions
  • Minimized broadcast row of multi-site views
  • Optional multi-site view screen (Separate from the Telepresence screen)
  • Video processing per-site and not per-conference (Substantially better video quality)
  • Streaming
  • Audio conferences
  • Session recording
  • IP/ISDN gateway to legacy systems
  • Data view
  • T.120
  • Extremely low latency
  • Up to 4 megs
Find out more about DVE’s Services. A DVE Telepresence Specialist is ready to assist you to ensure your organization has the very best in interactive two-way visual communication.