Global Implementation:

DVE has deployed Telepresence technologies in London, Tokyo, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indonesia, New Delhi, and many other locales around the globe. Since DVE’s Telepresence systems are turnkey, local A/V integrators and/or client’s staff can have systems up and running in one day. DVE has paid special attention to the turn key functionality of its products. This applies to both the personal Telepresence systems and the DVE Telepresence 50 group system. DVE recognizes that it is vitally important to design systems that can be easily installed by competent persons anywhere around the globe.

DVE services include on-site deployment by DVE staff, contract coordination with local professionals for installation, and support for clients who choose to deploy DVE Telepresence Systems with their own staff. Ultimately, our goal is always to assess the situation and advise the client on the method of deployment that will be most cost effective, quick, and problem free.

Find out more about DVE’s Services. A DVE Telepresence Specialist is ready to assist you to ensure your organization has the very best in interactive two-way visual communication.