DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution is ideal for local, state, and federal government agencies and bureaus. The perfect realism of the DVE’s Telepresence experience is as good as being there in-person. Hence, it is a real world solution to create virtual agencies and bureaus where remote offices share all the benefits of being connected and a part of the central location. For those agencies that serve the public with in-person services, such as immigration or social security, remote attendants can assist people and be located anywhere in the country. Ultimately, with real telepresence people have access to each other to improve productivity and convenience.

Legacy conferencing systems are now used by all branches of the government, including the executive branch. These systems are now outdated, whether they are videophones or group conferencing systems, and should be upgraded to real telepresence. DVE’s real telepresence is as good as being there according to many testimonials of satisfied users. With that in mind, there is a solution now for governments to decentralize for security purposes and to increase productivity. Though these goals are long-term, many government planners, security experts, and strategists are making recommendations for the next generation of two-way video communication to revolutionize the way government is done. DVE is at the forefront of these monumental changes in the way people have structured their organizations and governments.

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