Grant Procurement:

DVE has assisted many firms in successfully receiving US federal grants and private grants for DVE Telepresence Systems. Tens of millions of dollars are available for healthcare groups, first responders, and schools every year. Let DVE help you in locating a proven grant writing team. Also DVE’ s consulting services will review and improve your own internal grant applications before processing to help increase the potential of receiving a grant.

DVE is ready to help your organization procure federal funds for Real Telepresence Technology.

DVE will help you….
  • Locate grants for your organization
  • Improve your applications
  • Locate a proven grant writing team
  • Communicate the improved experience of Telepresence Systems from old type videoconferencing
  • Articulate the nature of DVE’s unique patented solutions available from no other source
Find out more about DVE’s Services. A DVE Telepresence Specialist is ready to assist you to ensure your organization has the very best in interactive two-way visual communication.