The New Holographic Collaboration DVE 3D CreateSpace™

Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. debuts the DVE 3D CreateSpace™ training and team collaboration room. The 3D CreateSpace is a total room solution that beams in remote trainers and team leaders, via the DVE Immersive Podium, into the middle of the room. The quality of communication is far beyond any type of videoconferencing. The 3D CreateSpace is ideal for improving collaboration for industries such as Aerospace, Animation, Medical, and all types Engineering. Also, the room solution has been configured to meet military training and command and control specifications.

Appear Live in a Dozen Cities at the Same Time!

The DVE Immersive Podium also displays compelling presentations with a wide area augmented reality transparent image plane. Presentations can include interacting live with 3D objects making them unforgettable.

The DVE Immersive Podium is ideal for church satellite campuses, global live stage events, corporate sales meetings and all applications where a Speaker needs to offer stunning realism to captivate the audience.

  • True Augmented Reality – Holographic 3D appearing Speakers
  • Large transparent image area for increased realism
  • Compelling volumetric 3D content with no glasses required by your audience
  • Perfect eye contact when image originates from a DVE eye contact display
  • Ideal for Teachers, Speakers, Pastors, Trainers, Entertainers, and corporate communications
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