DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution is vital for manufacturing companies to stay productive and competitive in a global economy. DVE Telepresence extends the breadth and reach of a manufacturing company to having face-to-face and real eye-to-eye communication at a touch of a button with vendors and off-shore manufacturers and engineering firms. For example, a large US manufacturing firm is locating a portion of its engineering in New Delhi and its manufacturing in China. The complication of intercultural communications is difficult enough to traverse and the phone and email hardly suffices. Legacy videoconferencing only exacerbates the intercultural communication problems with people appearing to be looking down and away.

In the example above, the US manufacturer utilized DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution and now has at a-touch-of-a-button New Delhi engineers and Chinese plant managers appearing as if they are seated on the other side of table. Also, to accommodate for time zone issues, the US manufacturer installed DVE Executive Telepresence System in the project manager’s home offices. As a result, DVE has forged a new way for people to connect regardless of location and cultural differences. Bringing people together, forming teams to accomplish goals, and succeeding in a competitive global market is what DVE Total Telepresence Solution will do for your manufacturing company.

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