Patented Innovations

Patents and Patent Applications
DVE's founders hold the largest patent portfolio in the world for Real Telepresence technologies. The 15 patents and one application listed, as well as other applications pending, are all related to the Telepresence field and the product markets of desktop and group Telepresence. Of specific note several of the patents have 50 plus claims with 10 or more independent claims. These patents are, in essence, master patents of a new art and industry equal in depth and breadth of coverage of many patents in one.

Potential Products from DVE’s Patented Technologies:

Desktop Telepresence Products
Eye contact PC monitor
Eye contact PC/monitor combo
Eye contact videophone/PC monitor
Eye contact videophone
Eye contact videophone/codec for group combo
Eye contact notebook
Eye contact hand-held devices
Eye contact built-in desk displays
Eye contact desktop projection display
Eye contact retrofit systems for existing PC monitors
Eye contact software/computer hardware
Eye contact single-user kiosks
Eye contact public access terminals

Group Telepresence Products
Eye contact and concealed monitor roll-about
Eye contact built-in table displays
Eye contact plasma panels
Eye contact big screen projection displays
Eye contact consumer TV
Eye contact videophone/codec for group combo
Eye contact public access terminals
Eye contact kiosks and podiums
Eye contact videophone booth

Transparent See-Through Eye Contact Displays
See-through eye contact plasma display
See-through eye contact speaker’s podium
See-through eye contact group roll-about display
See-through eye contact furniture displays
See-through eye contact desktop displays
See-through eye contact kiosks

Other Potential Products
Portable projector using notebook display
Immersive Telepresence conference rooms

Note: This is not a complete list