DVE Announces the Telepresence Stage

IRVINE, CA – June 13th, 2008 – Digital Video Enterprises (DVE), a provider of telepresence systems and 3D effects for stage and screen, unveiled their newest telepresence solution: The DVE Telepresence Stage, a portable telepresence presentation system that allows remote presenters and virtual objects to appear life-size around the world. 

The DVE Telepresence Stage gives the illusion of real-size people walking around on-stage for conferences, training, trade shows, consumer marketing, and special events. The new technology uses a unique transparent screen for telepresence which permits imaged people to appear in the middle of the room (not on a flat screen).

The system also provides for dynamic presentations where virtual objects, up to 9 feet across and up to 7 feet high, appear to be floating in space in volumetric 3D. 3D content for the DVE Telepresence Stage can be easily created by any production company using standard HD cameras, editing, and animation programs.

DVE has patented two methods to provide hologram 3D-appearing telepresence. The first method pioneered by DVE’s founders uses a reflective foil that reflects a screen from above or below. The newer method of the DVE Telepresence Stage uses a semi-rigid transparent projection screen. The newer approach is ideal for a new generation of stage effects.

DVE created this solution to make practical hologram 3D-appearing telepresence and effects for the stage. A few stage illusion companies provide extremely bulky and expensive systems that require giant truss systems and projectors hanging from the ceiling. Set-up can take days. These systems use a delicate film stretched across the stage that lacks highly reflective properties and produce dim images. These systems also require front projection screens that can consume a good portion of the stage floor, limiting creative options for event planners. 

The new DVE Telepresence Stage is revolutionary in that it improves upon every aspect of the prior systems. The DVE Telepresence Stage can be set-up in an hour by a competent audio/visual technician. Unlike competitive offerings, the system does not require any large truss and/or suspension systems. Amazingly, the screen literally rolls out and pops up. The projector can be placed on the floor so no on-site rigging is needed. The entire system stows in two road cases. Once fully assembled, it can be moved off-stage in less than one minute.

The DVE telepresence stage is the world's first practical head-to-toe hologram 3D-appearing projected telepresence for training sessions and seminars on corporate campuses, hotel conference rooms, trade shows, and conventions. 

About DVE
Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. is the world's leader in Real Telepresence conferencing. Traditional videoconferencing has been proven to be a poor communication medium, because of the unnatural and awkward experience it provides. DVE's patented technologies have transformed the mediocrity of traditional videoconferencing into an experience that truly simulates being there in person. Achieved in part by optically concealed cameras behind the images on the display screens, this telepresence system is coupled with next generation hardware and software providing true DVD and HD quality images. The experience finally fulfills the promise of effective visual collaboration. These unique experiences are defined by DVE as immersive telepresence and represents an entirely new medium for human communication over distance. DVE's technologies have been deployed around the globe by leaders in the entertainment industry, financial sector, healthcare, K-12, higher education, and major corporations. For additional Information call (949) 347-9166, or visit the DVE website at www.DVEtelepresence.com.