Telepresence Organizational Development:

We are now at a milestone in organizational development made possible by Real Telepresence. Unlike legacy videoconferencing, Real Telepresence simulates in-person communication so that people can be at a distance yet enjoy all the same psycho-social benefits of actually being there in person. A Telepresence organization is a virtual community where people congregate with each other and form collegial bonds. With Real Telepresence, made possible by DVE, the virtual community is just like being at a corporate campus. An always “on” connection and at a touch-of-a-button the person in the office next door (actually someplace else in the world) virtually appears sitting on the other side of the desk with amazing realism. People quickly forget the other person is a thousand miles away. Such a powerful communication medium will revolutionize any business ready to radically abandon old models of organizational structure and embrace a Telepresence organizational model for dramatic cost savings and improved competitiveness. Below are hallmarks of a Telepresence Organization:

  • Telepresence systems deployed to all employees
  • No or little real estate needs…dramatic cost savings
  • Improving employee productivity by eliminating commuting
  • Huge cost savings by staffing in less costly parts of the country and world
  • Environmental benefits

DVE is ready to assist any organization willing to consider the benefits of becoming a Telepresence Organization. DVE offers the services of organizational Telepresence planning, ROI analysis, and complete turnkey systems installed at all end-points, and complete network development, deployment, maintenance, and management.

Find out more about DVE’s Services. A DVE Telepresence Specialist is ready to assist you to ensure your organization has the very best in interactive two-way visual communication.