Premiere Solution Partners

DVE selects various firms to be a Premiere Solution Partner based on their commitment to promote DVE products, solutions, and services predominantly as their interactive two-way video offering to their clients. DVE’s Premiere Solution Partners become a valued resource to DVE for their expertise in a particular market segment or their expert ability, such as possessing an infrastructure to deliver a project nationally or globally. DVE markets direct to end-users. Premiere Solution Partners are often selected by DVE to deliver a portion of a DVE Telepresence contract or to lead the entire account.

The Premiere Solution Partners marketing emphasis is to promote DVE’s consumer education program of the inherent ineptness of current videoconferencing systems without real telepresence. The Premiere Solution Partner is often an experienced AV integrator or other resell firm that has grown weary of box sells of low margin legacy videoconferencing equipment and is willing to realign its marketing predominantly towards DVE’s offerings for market differentiation. A Premiere Solution Partner does not market DVE solutions as a “videoconferencing upgrade,” but rather as the only real solution to have worthwhile two- way video communication. DVE recognizes there will always be some AV integrators and other resell firms that will still cling to legacy products and solutions as being adequate, especially at the low-end of the market, and as a result they would not be a Premiere Solution Partner candidate.

Project Partners
From time to time DVE forms a project relationship with a particular resell firm or integrator to meet a specific DVE client’s request. For example, many large corporations have an existing relationship with a particular AV integrator. DVE will, to accommodate the request of the client, offer its solutions passing through that integrator. At times, it is agreed that the integrator offers a portion of the product sells, such as the codec, installation, and training and support as a part of the total DVE solution.