DVE Telepresence Podium:

  • New elegant wood construction and close and fold design for portability
  • Telepresence with transparent screen technology
  • Imaged person appears to be virtually standing at a podium
  • Ideal for distance learning, events, conferencing, and training
  • Eye contact when image originates from a DVE eye contact display
  • 3-D appearing graphics and objects for stunning presentations
  • Portable and quickly folds up to move through doorways

Rather than creating expensive giant projection screens that image unnaturally speakers in conferences, events, and distance learning and training facilities DVE has developed the Telepresence Podium as an intelligent alternative. The DVE Telepresence Podium literally creates the appearance that a person is standing at a podium even though they may be thousands of miles away. The system requires no special environmental changes and works under normal room lighting conditions. At the distant site the speaker uses a DVE eye contact solution and appears virtually with eye contact to the entire audience or classroom. No longer is a person’s image relegated to the bounds of the borders of a rectangular screen.

The DVE Telepresence Podium was designed with rolling portability in mind. The front podium ledge and rear assembly are retracted in place in less than one minute! When closed, the DVE Telepresence Podium is compact and can roll through all normal doorways. Inside is an AV equipment space for codec and other gear.

The DVE Telepresence Podium can also be used as a 3-D appearing presentational system. Real objects or 3-D graphics when shaded and rotated appear solid in form and 3-dimensional. The DVE Telepresence Podium has been designed with the convenience of displaying either 4:3 or 16:9 source images.

The DVE Telepresence Podium can be used for many market segments. For example, a school district has hired expert mentor teachers to help local school teachers watch their teaching style and methods in action. The DVE Telepresence Podium sets up quickly in the front of the classroom and an expert mentor interacts and teaches kids even though he/she is in another part of the country. This a very powerful communication tool that no child or adult will ever forget!

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