DVE Immersion Room

3D Visualization

The DVE Immersion Room™ is, without any reservation, the world’s most sophisticated and versatile 3-D visualization environment. DVE has partnered with Christie Digital Systems to provide the projection technology for true volumetric and stereoscopic 3-D. Now, researchers, engineers, architects and scientists can view their work nine feet wide, seemingly floating in air. The experience is very similar to augmented reality where video objects are overlaid in front of and within real physical environment. In the case of the DVE Immersion Room™ the video objects are overlaid within a luxury appointed executive environment and appear to float above the boardroom table. The results are stunningly impressive and effective.


Medical Research (including live surgery)

Visualization for Numerous Fields of Science

Engineering Prototyping (Aerospace, etc.)

Architectural Model Visualization

Volumetric 3-D

Volumetric 3-D uses 3-D models and actual product images and, when rotated, with shading and reflection, creates the appearance of 3-D. This is aided by the fact that the video object is not contained within the boundaries of a rectangular screen. The mind perceives 3-D because there is no visual reference of a 2-D screen. This amazing 3-D visualization technique does not require any special glasses to wear and can be quickly incorporated into live tele-immersion conferences and standard 2-D presentations.

Stereoscopic 3-D

For advance 3-D visualization requirements, the DVE Immersion Room™ is also capable of the highest-quality stereoscopic 3-D running at 120 frames a second in high definition. This 3-D visualization technique utilizes next generation synchronized shutter glass and the viewable 3-D effect can appear extremely deep creating the illusion you could actually enter into the floating 3-D object or scene.

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Real-Time 3D Models for Pictures and Videos Courtesy of Eon Realit

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