DVE Immersion Room

Audio/Visual Design

The DVE Immersion Room™ is unlike any audio/visual environment ever designed. Typically, AV integrators design high-end boardrooms on a custom basis and those rooms usually turn out to lack any real quality of telepresence communication. These integrators, rather then perfecting these rooms, move on to the next custom project. It is this reality that has left the door wide open for the emergence of the fully pre-engineered environment of the DVE Immersion Room™.

Industry Alliances

DVE has formed a strategic alliance with Christie Digital Systems to assist in the integration of Christie’s industry-leading Mirage HD 3D projectors. The recently announced Mirage HD is based on 1080p DLP technology and delivers a true 120 frames per second image for stunning, high definition, flicker-free active stereo. By collaborating with the best in each field, DVE is ensuring the DVE Immersion Room™ is and will always be the leading audio-visual interactive communications environment available. DVE’s standards are never compromised. As a result, we have created the ultimate world-class communications forum for leaders.

Component integration
and control

All of the electronic components have easy access and are contained in noise- proof rack cabinets. All integrated systems are performance checked before delivery to ensure a smooth installation. Also, the entire integrated system is controlled with custom software and a touch screen interface so operation can be as simple as a single touch, connecting you to another DVE Immersion Room™. All great integration is driven by the hallmarks of reliability, quality and ease of use.

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