DVE Immersion Room


The DVE Immersion Room™ is a state-of-the-art presentation room with the versatility of an immersive HD wide screen. The DVE Immersion Room™ provides numerous creative possibilities to communicate and collaborate that no other presentation system in the world can provide.

3-D Presentations

The DVE Immersion Room™ can be used to demonstrate 3-D objects to appear as if they are live, bringing them into a tele-immersive conference. Imagine discussing an important part of a presentation or training session and to be able to communicate the idea in 3-D form, floating in the physical space of the room and transmitting the experience across the globe. This is all made possible with the DVE Immersion Room™. The creative possibilities empower corporations and organizations to utilize the DVE Immersion Room™ for their own unique communications requirements.

Giant Widescreen Viewing

For advance 3-D visualization requirements, the DVE Immersion Room™ is also capable of the highest-quality stereoscopic 3-D running at 120 frames a second in high definition. This 3-D visualization technique utilizes next generation synchronized shutter glass and the viewable 3-D effect can appear extremely deep creating the illusion you could actually enter into the floating
3-D object or scene.

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Recorded Presentations

One astounding aspect of the DVE Immersion Room™ is its ability to communicate a compelling and memorable presentation that people will not soon forget. As regional sales tool, the DVE Immersion Room™ can prove to be very valuable. An organization may have seven immersion rooms in seven locations around the world. The CEO is recorded in HD and then a 3-D production with graphs, charts and 3-D products are added to the recorded production. The 3-D presentation is then played for clients all around the globe in their regions to sell a particular product or service. The possibilities are endless and are sure to leave lasting impressions.


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