DVE Immersion Room

The Ultimate Production Room

Creatives and executives involved in producing television programs and films need a collaborative environment that meets a wide variety of needs. DVE has been involved in the creation of remote production collaboration systems for many years and has now brought all of that experience into an amazing collaborative environment – the DVE Immersion Room™.

Never before has a collaboration system enabled such flexibility and productivity. The wide immersive screen environment enables images of people to appear in real-time in real-space as if they were actually there. Actors, directors and creatives can walk about and express themselves in ways no other conferencing system could ever provide. For more details on Tele-Immersion click here.

The DVE Immersion Room™ provides spectacular realism in conferencing and serves as an editing suite, where images can be viewed on a huge 16:9 wide-aspect ratio screen. The room also serves as a private screening room where the projected images are powered by high-end Christie Digital projectors. Still further, the DVE Immersion Room™ is also a visualization system to interact with live remote persons presenting storyboards in ways never before imagined.


True Tele-Immersive Conferencing.

Editing Suite.

Storyboard Visualization.

Screening Room.



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Storyboards courtesy of tedbstudio.com
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