DVE Immersion Room

Room Layouts

The DVE Immersion Room™ has been designed with the greatest amount of flexibility possible to meet unique client requirements. The room’s basic layouts can adjust in width and depth for the widest possible ability to retrofit into client facilities. Also, several versions of the room are available to meet specific space requirements. There are two basic configurations of the room:

DVE Immersion Room™
(four-person version)

Allows four (4) people to sit, stand, and walk about inside the three dimensional space of the actual room. A total of nine (9) conferencees can communicate with a single display system in a two-way call.

DVE Immersion Room™
(nine-person version)

Between two sites this version will permit up to 18 people to interact. No complicated display arrays are needed. The system simply deploys a second tier arrangement that enables another row of conferees to be seen slightly above the first row of conferees. 

Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Copyright 2010 Digital Video Enterprises, Inc

Option for Small Client Spaces
DVE has thought through an entire line of next generation telepresence experiences. In those situations where a client may wish to deploy many DVE Immersion Rooms, but one of the client locations only has a very small room, then DVE has a great solution. The DVE Immersion Room  connects seamlessly to the DVE Telepresence Room . Both rooms share the exact same specifications except the conferee images do not appear in the physical space of the room. Instead it appears to viewers as a vivid and very wide HD flat-panel display. Most important, those in the DVE Immersion Room™ will experience the image originating from the DVE Immersion Room  with all the tele-immersive effect of floating images in space.

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