DVE Immersion Room


Tele-immersion is the new frontier of conferencing. The DVE Immersion Room™ eliminates the boundaries of a screen and creates the amazing appearance that imaged individuals are actually walking around in the physical space of the room. In essence, the DVE Immersion Room is a highly sophisticated, augmented reality environment, where live video images are superimposed in the physical space of the room. The patented technology is backed up with over a decade of R&D by DVE, a company with years of experience creating many of the world’s most sophisticated videoconferencing facilities.

Real Time in Real Space….

With the DVE Immersion Room, HD images of participants appear in the actual 3-D physical space of an exquisite wood paneled executive meeting room. The ingenious system utilizes one very wide 2-D HD image and displays it in a way that appears to present a type of 3-D telepresence with a holographic appearing image. The ultra realism of the effect is shocking to most whom first see and experience it; their natural response is almost always …”Wow!”

True tele-immersion on this level was expected by industry analysts to be around in the year 2020, but DVE has it now fully operational and it is light years beyond legacy plasma panel array rooms. Another patented and ingenious feature of the room is the mounting of the camera at eye level behind the image. With the large image display the camera can be placed in the appropriate center zone for the best possible camera perspective. The camera and complete display system is true HD at its highest level of 1080HD 60fps. The capabilities are amazing.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.
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3-D appearing telepresence display system images participants in the actual room and on the other side of the table.

Stunning life-like realism.

Large image area allows presentation of participating individuals to appear as if standing and walking around in the actual meeting room.

Four people per side with second tier seating option permitting 8 people per side (16 total in a two way call).


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