DVE Telepresence Stage:

  • True AR Telepresence (Augmented Reality) for Special Events
  • Image People Full Body Walking About the Stage
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up (No Delicate Foils or Huge Truss Systems Consuming the Stage)
  • Satellite or Terrestrial Network Hook-Up for events around the Globe
  • Create Stunning 3-D Floating Graphics on Stage
Express Yourself Live on Stage from 1000 Miles Away!

The patented DVE Telepresence Stage is a practical and affordable AR (Augmented Reality) Telepresence solution for seminars, events, tradeshows, and classroom/training applications. Create the impressive visual effect of imaged people walking around in the 3D physical space of the stage! The DVE Telepresence Stage can be set-up in about an hour and the entire system is stowed in two road cases. In years past, the same effect required the complexity of hanging projectors on huge truss systems and the complexity of stretching delicate foils. This involved process has been completely eliminated with the new DVE Telepresence Stage, making it the only intelligent solution for full body telepresence projection.

DVE has developed 3D effects for the stage for over a decade and their hologram 3D appearing display systems have toured with major theatrical productions and concerts around the globe. DVE has recently drawn upon its expertise and patented technology to develop the DVE Telepresence Stage. The DVE Telepresence Stage permits the AR (Augmented Reality) Telepresence view of real-size people walking around on stage for conferences, special events, and a variety of classroom/training applications.

The DVE Telepresence Stage uses a unique transparent screen for telepresence which permits imaged people to appear in the middle of the room (not on a flat screen). It also provides dynamic presentations where video objects appear to be floating in space in volumetric 3-D. Objects 9 feet across and 7 feet high are easily obtainable. The content production can be done by any production company using standard HD cameras, editing, and animation programs.

DVE has patented two methods of providing hologram 3D-appearing telepresence on the stage. One uses a reflective film that reflects a screen above or below the stage. The other newer method, inherent to DVE Telepresence Stage, uses a semi-rigid dimensional transparent projection screen. The newer approach is ideal for a new generation of stage effects.

DVE created this solution to make practical hologram 3D-appearing telepresence and effects for the stage and other venues, including classroom/training applications. A few stage illusion companies provide extremely bulky and expensive systems that require huge truss systems and projectors hanging from the ceiling. Set-up often takes days. These systems use a delicate foil stretched across the stage and that foil lacks highly reflective properties resulting in dim images. These systems also require front projection screens consuming a good portion of the stage floor, limiting creative options for event planners. Some of these systems also use rear projection screens in the stage floor which could create a risk if people accidently walk on them and fell through.

The DVE Telepresence Stage is the world's first practical head –to-toe hologram 3D-appearing projected telepresence for training sessions and seminars on corporate campuses, hotel meeting rooms, and conventions.


Watch the DVE Telepresence Stage
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