Independent Testing Lab

DVE is the leading firm to analyze the best of breed technology in the conferencing industry. An organization planning on deploying hundreds of codecs and millions of dollars of audio/visual gear should first have an objective expert review the conference product, especially the performance aspects of codecs and the total solution.

DVE can also alert the client to emerging technology that could make a deployment of a certain codec product obsolete before it is even fully installed. The conferencing business is currently in a great deal of flux and today’s best solution may in just a month or two be a poor choice. DVE is intimately aware of key companies, both large and small, whose current and future products will have an impact on your organization’s visual communication network.

DVE’s product testing lab is located in a highly secure state-of-the-art facility in Orange County, CA. The lab is co-located with a private IP point-of-presence site utilized by numerous large corporations as a central location for their private IP networks. DVE testing connectivity includes ISDN, public IP, and private networks with QoS speeds in access of 30 megs. A second test location, located at Los Angeles Center Studios, is connected to the Orange County facility by glass fiber and air fiber (laser).

Find out more about DVE’s Services. A DVE Telepresence Specialist is ready to assist you to ensure your organization has the very best in interactive two-way visual communication.