Humans naturally congregate in caves (now corporate buildings) in order to form communities to achieve organizational goals. In the cave and around the fire humans have access to each other, they build camaraderie, they form friendships, and they are all inside a distinct organizational community. In the cave people interact with the whole human presence of another: their voice, their expressions and all their non-verbal communication (i.e. their personality). With the increase of new communication technologies, corporations are expanding with remote offices, satellite offices, and home offices for employees. Unfortunately, these employees are outside the main cave and cannot share all the same psycho-social benefits of being in the core community. No matter how much voice presence, email presence, and web collaboration presence, it is simply not as good as being there in person. The remote employees are outside and the centrally located employees are inside the core community.

Generally venture capital firms consider it a negative when executive management is dispersed around the country when launching a new venture. Legacy videoconferencing connections are not considered adequate to form the close and intense community needed to launch a new business. This speaks clearly to the failure of traditional videoconferencing and its inept human factor design. DVE’s Total Telepresence Corporation is a revolutionary new business organizational model that fully encompasses the Art and Science of Telepresence. Now newly forming corporations and leading older corporations can choose an organizational model that is radically different than any model previously known. The Total Telepresence Corporate Organizational Model fully embraces the power of IP communications and makes it the central spoke of the organization.

The Total Telepresence Corporation at first goes against the instinct to locate a cave building to congregate people. Once that instinctual impulse is rejected, the opportunities for increased productivity and competitiveness expands dramatically with DVE’s Total Telepresence Solution. Most importantly all the psycho-social benefits of being in a corporate building are not minimized. DVE’s Total Telepresence Solutions, services, and products enable an experience as good as being there in person. With people dispersed around the country and around the globe, colleagues seem as if they are in the office next door. The Total Telepresence Corporation empowers every employee with the DVE Telepresence Personal Immersive system so they see their colleagues appearing life-size, with full body language, and sitting on the other side of their desk with perfect eye contact. The experience is amazingly realistic.

DVE has thought through the whole Total Telepresence Corporate solution from display, codec, network, installation, and support. DVE has paid special attention to the human factors of multiple conference participants and has designed backplane systems with multipoint connections that do not degrade in image quality as more people attend. The intelligent multi-person format enables people at each seat to control who he or she desires to see much like the way a person chooses to turn ones head when sitting around a meeting table to look at a specific person. Unlike traditional multipoint conferencing, DVE always maintains the presentation of a life-size person, not a” Hollywood Squares” experience on the main screen. The entire group experience is highly intuitive and natural. A few or a dozen people can all interact in the same meeting.

DVE recognizes that the Total Telepresence Corporation is not a solution for every organization. However, for those newly forming or already established and are ready to be truly competitive in a global economy there is no better way to radically reduce cost, bring aboard employees regardless of region, and have a corporate presence all around the globe. Traditional videoconferencing is stuck in a ROI (return on investment model) which claims “it is cheaper then flying.” This is valid, yet is a short-sighted way of thinking, trying to make videoconferencing fit into the landscape of the corporate caves. The Total Telepresence Corporation ROI over traditional cave organizations can reduce total corporate overhead by as much as 20 - 40%.

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