DVE Transparent AR (Augmented Reality) Telepresence:

  • Stunning Transparent Effect for Telepresence
  • True Eye Contact / Optically Embedded Camera
  • Used for Specialty Applications Where High Visual Impact Matters
  • Superb 3-D Appearing Graphics and Objects
  • Patented Technology
  • Ideal for Remote Banking Tellers and Telepresence Kiosks
  • Available in 40, 46, 50, 65 Inch Systems / Podium and Full Body Head-to- Toe

DVE has been called upon by theme parks and entertainment destinations to design high-end visual effects. DVE’s knowledge of visual effects is expansive. DVE has applied that knowledge in creating a line of transparent telepresence displays, each with an optically embedded camera for eye contact. The displays provide true augmented reality where 3D appearing video images can be seen in the middle of the physical space of the room.

DVE’s expansive patent portfolio includes the use, as illustrated in more than twenty patented independent claims, of the classic Pepper’s Ghost illusion for eye contact telepresence. This stunning illusion, when thoughtfully stage crafted, creates a very impressive image of a person appearing to sit on the other side of a table in the actual room environment, unconfined by the borders of a display screen. The image appears to be floating on a crystal clear piece of glass.

DVE has custom podium versions of transparent AR telepresence and all the DVE telepresence product line (40, 46, 50, and 65) can be converted to enable this impressive illusion. Imagine a sales kiosk or a receptionist who virtually appears in a lobby. This is just the tip of the iceberg of creative applications for this technology for live telepresence and recorded presentations. Also, transparent AR telepresence can present amazingly vivid, 3-D appearing objects with a wide field-of-view.

Two Products in One Telepresence System!
DVE always puts the client first and by doing so discusses openly the limitations of certain technological approaches to creating telepresence. Transparent AR telepresence needs to be stage crafted to work effectively. Attention to the background behind the display assists with the image contrast. Further, a conferenced person on the display needs their image to be on a black background or chromakeyed. Also, other room modifications may be required. DVE asks its corporate clients to carefully weigh the practicality of black draped walls in executive offices and meeting rooms throughout their campuses. DVE’s ETS, T-50, and Huddle Room 70 can be used in standard mode (requiring no room changes) for high quality communications and can be modified to a transparent AR telepresence mode for 3D appearing telepresence. This means many of DVE’s products are essentially two products in one system giving clients tremendous flexibility to meet their current and future conferencing needs.

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