DVE Virtual Observer:

  • Portable self-contained auto tracking camera system
  • No need for a camera operator to create impressive productions
  • Ideal for distance learning and training for speakers who move around
  • Wide screen observation confidence monitor
  • Utilized for recording and live telepresence sessions
  • Wireless microphone and wireless tracking sensors

The DVE Virtual Observer is a self contained portable production studio for recording and live transmission for interactive telepresence. The system utilizes a wireless microphone and triangulated IR to locate the speaker wherever he/she moves about. The stylish roll-about system can be placed at the back of a classroom and capture video just as if a cameraman were panning, tilting, and zooming the camera. The result is a professional appearing production for live and recorded events, conferences, training, and distance learning applications. The system includes a 16:9 confidence monitor built-in and a full shelf rack for all the needed AV gear and codec.

The mobile and compact design makes it ideal for bringing conferencing into places that would otherwise be difficult. Roll the Virtual Observer into the surgical unit or onto the factory plant floor for real-time troubleshooting. Use the Virtual Observer for corporate training videos. The practical uses of the Virtual Observer are numerous.

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